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Monday, February 28, 2005

Two jokes

Posted by Tim Tagaris

As some know by now, former Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Lynn Swan is making a run at Ed Rendell in the 2006 Pennsylvania Gov. race. Of course, the campaign is "Alan Keyeseque," a feeble attempt by Republicans to get a well-known placeholder up to help other races up and down the ballot. I mean, when the Green Party is effectively making a mockery of your campaign, maybe it's time to re-think?

Former Green Party candidate for governor, Michael Morrill, today declared his intention to try out for the position of wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Morrill admits he has no experience in organized football, has only a casual fan’s understanding of the game and at age 50 might be a little slow for the National Football League. When asked why he thought he might be qualified to be a wide receiver for the Steelers, Morrill said he was inspired by four-time Super Bowl Champion Lynn Swann. “If Lynn Swann can run for governor with absolutely no public policy experience, why shouldn’t I be able to try out for the Steelers?” Morrill responded.

Morrill was also asked what he thought his chances were to make the Steelers. “About the same as Swann’s chances to be elected governor,” he replied.


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Far from rethinking the campaign, instead Swan should use this stereotyping ("just a dumb athlete") to show blacks and other minorities in Pennsylvania just exactly what the Left thinks of them. I want to reminds those on the Left that they never made an issue out of Bill Bradley, a white basketball player who ran for Senate (and then later, President). Maybe the Pennsylvania liberals think they can appeal to the base instincts of their supporters with this thinly veiled attack on Swan's capacities. I think most people will see it for what it is - another left-wing cheapshot at a minority who wants to succeed without their permission. I'm confident enough people in Pennsylvania believe a black candidate outside of the Democratic Party walls can amount to more than a "placeholder".

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I think you missed the point BChanndra. The comment by the Mike Morrill has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the fact that Lynn Swann may be biting off more than he can chew in terms of politics. There is no denying the man is intelligent, with an educational background in Public Relations and a history of activism away from the football field. But he does not have the experience to serve as governor. Admittedly you must take the remarks from Morrill with a grain of salt, and one can certainly question the manner in which he commented on Swann's plan. However if you look past the sarcasm you can see a very valid point.

In regards to the Bill Bradley comparison, there isn't one. Bradley was certainly a professional athlete, but you convienetly leave out that he attended Pittsburgh, and put his professional career on hold to become a Rhodes Scholar. Although I am not questioning the intelligence of Lynn Swann there is still a large and deep chasm between his education and that of Bill Bradley, who must certainly be seen as an intellect first and an athlete second.

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