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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

PA Senate 2006

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Disclaimer: I am working for another candidate in the PA Senate race, helping to get his online program off-the-ground.

Bob Casey Jr.'s hypothetical margin over Rick Santorum is slipping. Two weeks ago the DSCC released a poll that set the netroots ablaze; Pennsylvania's Auditor General Bob Casey led Rick Santorum 52-38 in a "what-if" battle of the titans. Today, that margin has tightened some. MoE +/- 2.8%

Casey: 46%
Santorum: 41%

Other candidates don't fare nearly as well as Casey.

Rick Santorum: 47%
Barbara Hafer: 39%

Rick Santorum: 50%
Joe Hoeffel: 34%

Because of my work situation, I don't want to talk to much about the race specifically--not on SSP. It's just out of respect for you and David for letting me write here.

And no, my candidate is none of these 3; we have an even longer way to go.

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In my opinion, the candidate should be Casey. I know he's pro- life (which I am as well btw) and will tick off most liberals. I hope the party shows some inclusion and nominates a Pro Life Democrat to take back Pennsylvania. Casey usually runs well in PA (with exception of primary against Rendell) and I think he could get a ton of support and I think he could win the seat.

Also, about the DSCC poll, I never really buy the party sponsored polls as valid, they seem to be skewed by making safe races seem more competitive or make close races seem more distant. I think 46%-41% sounds about right for now, it would be an exciting Senate race in PA if it is Casey.

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As much as I like Casey I think there has to be a better candidate for this race. Although being pro-life could give him an edge in most races It seems that the candidate for this race has to present a clearer alternative to Santorum. It is still early enough for other potential candidates to come forward and make a serious challenge.

Posted by: JDF [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 17, 2005 05:23 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment