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Thursday, January 06, 2005

DNC Chair Candidate: Simon Rosenberg

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Today, Bob and I had the honor of being able to participate in a conference call Q&A with Simon Rosenberg, candidate for DNC Chairman. The conference was the first of several with perspective candidates for the position, and lasted for approximately 45 minutes.

Overall, it went great and was very informative. To best honest, I was a bit tentative; it was my first time talking to a candidate for DNC Chair. I think my voice cracked during my question...

My question was specifically about providing "training." I wanted to get a flavor of Mr. Rosenberg's views on a more effective means of supplying training for Americans from Montana to D.C. to Chicago. Those of us on-line are active in our own right, but can accomplish so much more if we received some good instruction from professionals in communications, field operations, and organizing.

Bob asked about taking some of these wonderful new technological advances and communication techniques and distilling that information down to the state and local parties. He asked it in light of the fact that 3/4 of state parties don't even have a blog on their webpage. That doesn't even begin to discuss the ones that do, but fail to use them.

To answer the question about training, Simon shared his experience in getting Democratic Gain off the ground and his desire to "nurture talent" within the grassroots. He talked about narrowcasting and one to one marketing in response to Bob's question.

We will go into much more detail about the call, its tone, substance, and answers tomorrow.

In the mean time, you can check out Simon's vision for the blogs within the scope of a Rosenberg chairmanship.

Annatopia also has a good commentary on the Q&A. She tried to live blog the conference call but got booted midway through. Sorry Anna.

Chris Bowers at MyDD has some thoughts at the bottom of this post as well.

Finally, thank you to BlogPAC who made this possible, allowed Bob and I to participate, and whose site you should visit and register at. They are the group bringing the netroots and Democratic Party in-line with the post modern ideas the we needs to fully embrace.

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I'm still processing a lot of the information from the call. I'll have more on this soon, just allow me a little time to digest. I think I was unprepared for the call because I've been focused on how to reform the DNC and today Rosenberg presented a vision for a Democratic Party empire far more expansive than anything I've imagined. I see why everyone keep saying he "gets it" when Simon's name comes up.

I would recommend people check out the above links (and do make sure you register with BlogPAC).

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