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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Moore Polls WA Yet Again

Posted by DavidNYC

Moore Information may be run by a bunch of Republicans, but the gang who runs that shop is close to my heart in one respect: They like to poll early and often. It was just two weeks ago that they had a poll out in Washington, and yet here they are with another one (early June trendlines in parens):

Kerry: 43 (45)
Bush: 43 (44)
Nader: 4 (4)
Undecided: 10 (7)
(MoE: ��4%)

As you can see, this is essentially unchanged from a fortnight ago. (Ooh, I got to say fortnight!) I got these results from Polling Report, and I don't see any news coverage of `em yet. But Moore tends to post their poll results on their website here. (The most recent update there is the last WA poll, though.)

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Nader is campaigning here in Seattle right now. He has (almost certainly) already gathered the required 1000 signatures to get on the Washington State ballot.

I think Nader has strong support here (I have friends here who might vote for him), but I'd be surprised if he actually gets 4% in November. He got 4% of the state in 2000, but that was when WA was safely Democratic (so Nader voters weren't worried about affecting the statewide outcome), the Democratic base wasn't as energized, and Nader had the support of the Green Party (which is moderately active in WA).

Still, I think the Democrats will need to spend some real effort reaching out to potential Nader voters if they want a solid win in Washington State.

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Ah, but what if the polling data got skewed because many of us stopped being candid when called? That's the question/poll I have on my website. www.lietothepollsters.com

I'm gathering a lot of support for not telling pollsters the truth. Can it be long before these become useless... I hope not.
Jim Ettwein

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I worked for Moore Information in 1999. It is run by a bunch of republicans but the people who are doing the polls are a bunch of gutter punks and street urchins. The polling there was so biased. I used to tell clients if they got pissed off at the questions I was asking to think about who was paying for the poll and vote the exact opposite way. I hope I did my small part in subverting their message. The Portland Office was a rather low-tech operation so you knew when you were being monitored. I felt really bad about working for them and so did every one who worked there. Everyone who worked there was making up data so it would fit the samples that the supervisors wanted. Moore Information���s polling is not to be trusted.

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