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Thursday, May 20, 2004

TAP's "Purple People Watch"

Posted by DavidNYC

Okay, so, the name's a little goofy, but The American Prospect has just launched a new weekly roundup of swing state news, called the "Purple People Watch." (In case you were wondering, some people refer to the swing states as "purple" - ie, a combination of red and blue.)

This week, they have tidbits on AZ, AR, FL, MI, MO, OH and OR. I like the quick-hit roundup format - it's what I aspire to do here, when I'm not busy working on longer pieces. Go check it out - it's very well-done - and watch John Kerry do his best Howard Dean rendition down in Arkansas:

While in the state, Kerry also fought for his own bragging rights on guns. "I'm a gun owner and a hunter," he said during his visit. "I've hunted since I was 12 years old. I still hunt. I've gone out on deer hunts. I used to hunt woodchuck as a kid, or squirrel or crow or whatever. I used to shoot birds. I still do."

Born on a military base in Colorado, heroic Vietnam service, likes to hunt. Hmm, maybe Kerry actually can shed the "Massachusetts liberal" label - if he can define himself before Team Bush does.

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No doubt this election will go down to the wire, but I'd be pretty happy if I was Kerry at the moment. In dead heats or slightly ahead in swing states a mere 5 months or so from election day isn't a bad spot to be in. Especially, since the worst may be yet to come from the Iraq mess (which seems to be weighing on the American people's minds) and most undecideds vote for the challenger, plus the bounce from the convention. Anyone who's a Kerry supporter has to be pretty happy at this point. And, Kerry doesn't have that awful baggage that Clinton carried into the 1992 election. Kerry is looking good going into the mid part of the election run.

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