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Monday, April 05, 2004

How Nader Plans to Get on the Ballot

Posted by DavidNYC

Just a follow-up to my earlier post about Nader getting on the ballot in Oregon. This AP piece gives a few more details about how Nader plans to get on the ballot elsewhere. Though the article isn't entirely clear on the matter, it seems that Nader might court local third parties in various states in order to use their ballot lines - or these parties might even court him. A Nader campaign spokesman said that they used 13 different methods to gain ballot access in 2000 (netting them 43 states), but I still maintain that without a nationwide party apparatus, Nader will have a tougher time this go-round.

(Thanks to kamosa.)

UPDATE: Nader actually failed to get on the ballot in Oregon tonight using his "nominating convention" method. He needed 1,000 signatures but under 800 people showed up. (Thanks to John Doty, who's running for office in Southern Oregon, by the way.)

UPDATE: Kos poster ohwilleke has a diary breaking down exactly what Nader needs to do in each state. Among the big swing states, he thinks that ballot access will be toughest in Florida, Michigan, PA and, indeed, Oregon.

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