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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Looking for Links

Posted by DavidNYC

I want to flesh out the blogroll here on SSP to make it (and the whole site) a more useful resource. In particular, I'm looking for two type of sites:

1) Groups involved in swing state activism - basically fundraising, canvassing & other campaign activities in swing states on behalf of Democrats. I've already added a few such groups in a sub-list to the right. (Thanks to LFinMN for the first batch of links.)

2) Political blogs whose authors are from swing states & who focus heavily on their home-state politics. A good example would be Colorado Luis. Another example would be the Burnt Orange Report, but alas, Texas is not a swing state. For this group, I'm interested in right-wing as well as left-wing blogs.

If you have any suggestions for either of these categories, I'd be very grateful. And if there are any good general political reference sites out there that you like (like Dave Liep's Atlas), let me know about those, too.

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My blog (http://www.festersplace.blogspot.com) fits your qualification. I am a political blogger with a national focus, however I have a strong Pennsylvania content, specifically Southwestern PA. This is the area where Pennsylvania will be decided next year and everyone knows it. I would be more than willing to help you out if you give me a link.


Posted by: fester at October 29, 2003 05:39 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

I'll offer my blog (http://www.ridenbaugh.com) as well. It is a political/public affairs blog which focuses pretty much exclusively on activities three states - Washington, Oregon and Idaho - where I publish print as well as online materials. Idaho is obviously no swinger (maybe as far from one as any state in the country), but the first two are. BTW, you might note a recent piece I posted yesterday noting how even the congressional delegation in Idaho is beginning to distance itself a bit more from the Bush Administration.

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If you want polls check out www.dcpoliticalreport.com and click on current polls then on Index (to see when they were last updated) ignore the analysis though partisan right wing but the polls are always updated.

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For Louisiana news, a good web log is Timshel. It's regularly updated, has a lot of links, and solid analysis. I use it as my major source for Louisiana political news, and I live in Louisiana.

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I cannot offer a blog for New Mexico (yet: gimme some time... :) ), but as an itinerant New Mexican who avidly follows the politics there, I might be able to toss out some input from that perspective.

I mean, it's not like a vast number of electoral votes are at stake there. :) But NM has been a better bellwether of the popular vote winner than even Ohio: since statehood (1912) it has gone to the (popular) winner of every election with the exception of 1976 (it picked Ford over Carter by 2.46%). (In 2000, the state was almost as closely divided as Florida, but went for Gore rather than the eventual winner in the Electoral College.)

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