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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Bush in Trouble with Independent Voters

Posted by DavidNYC

Ruy Teixeira, co-author of The Emerging Democratic Majority and operator of the Donkey Rising blog, looks at the latest CBS/NYT poll and observes that Bush is in trouble with independent voters. Now, we know that politicians obsess about swing states, and we know that they love swing voters. But swing voters in swing states? I think that's what Dick Morris fantasizes about when he's playing his special brand of footsie. In other words, these uber-centrists are the holy grail of electoral politics. If Bush is doing poorly with independents nationally, then there's no reason to believe he's doing any better with those hard-to-please moderates in the crucial battleground states. Needless to say, this is good news for us.

Teixeira also wonders why Bush's bad image among this much-wooed group isn't getting more attention. I say it doesn't matter. As long as we know that independents are ripe for the picking (and they are), we don't need this story to be on the cover of Newsweek.

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Comments made by the Bush Campaign regarding Senator Kerry's 1994 vote against $6 Billion
in security agency spending was incorrect.The
vote actually was for a $1.5 Billion cut over
5 years. The motion was defeated, but a
similar motion sponsered by Senators Shelby(R)
and Spector (R) passes and cuts $1 Billion
from that security agency's budget. The NRO
was the agency involved that was said to have
been hiding $1 -1.7 Billion in funding that
it had not spent. People should note Kerry
voted for a 50% spending increase in funding
for the CIA, FBI, NSA, DID and other security
agencies from 1996 to the present. This total
is $250 Billion worth of appropriations for
security spending.
What should be addressed by the American
people is what measures did George Bush take before Septemeber 11,2001 ? Bill Clinton's
Administration thwarted a number of
potential terrorist attacks that stopped the
wolves at our borders. Al Gore wanted to implement an airport security plan upon
entering office in 2001 that would have
required any person boarding an aircraft
with anything that could be used as a weapon
to be detained and arrested. Mr. Gore never
got that chance to implement the plan. The
New York Times evaluated the plan with
security experts who said the plan would have disrupted the terroist attacks of 9-11-2001.

The Bush record on national security:
1. Cuts in Homeland Security slated for
the 2006 fiscal year totaling $1 Billion.

2. Ignoring briefing of August 6, 2001 about Osama Bin Laden wnating to attack America.
Ignoring other briefings about terrorists wanting to hijack aircraft.

3. Underfunding airport, border and port of
entry security. Also allowing airlines to return to private security companies like the ones that allowed the terrorists of 9/11 to
board our aircraft illegally with mace and
pepper spray used to subdue airline crews.

4. Instituting a database to keep information
on every United States citizen. The
Department of Defense. All fire arms
purchases,tax returns, library records,
credit card purchases and other data are
being tracked by an agency headed by former Admiral Poindexter.
This dwarfs any of Nixon's enemies lists.

5. Chalabi working as a spy for the Iranian
goverment feeding Bush false information
about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This plan by the Iranians duped Bush and
allowed the Iranians an open opportunity to align
with the Shitte majority in Iraq. As Bush
said,"democracy is democracy" and if the Iraq
government turns out to be a fundamentalist
regime, so be it. We didid not send our
troops to Iraq to give the Shittes power over
thsi region of the Middle East.

6. KSTP-TV in Minneapolis revealed video of
one bunker containing sentex that was opened
by US troops. It was left unguarded.
Bush explanations from the Dept of Defense
have only contributed to more misinformation.

How the Bush Administration can state that
they would make this nation more secure when
they let the World Trade Center get attacked
for a second time? They are amazing.
It would be as if Harry Truman had overseen
the attack of Pearl Harbour for a second time eight years later in 1949.

Remember that as long as the President said
"the war on terrorism is not winnable" (Today
Show interview) and told the terrorists to
"Bring it on" against our troops in Iraq, the
"Mission Accomplished" banner
must be another flip-flop for the Bush

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It seems that nobody seems to get, Bitterness doesn't get you Elected, scarcassem does't cut it, alot of what the democrats was nothing but anger and hate, alot of people seen that and alot of people didn't agreed with that line of reason.Hard facts which can be followedup and varified is what counts. so me something, anything that can be varified. so far All I see is anger, hate, blame....1200 hundred died in Iraq and more to come.....in Chicago alone we have over 1000 that died in the streets of chicago, was Mayor Daley held accountable at Election time for his neglegents no, was Mayor Daley held accountable for the friendly fire that killed several hundred or less during election time, no, why not. I guess we have different standards...........I do expect an answer other wise I wouldn't have left my email address..l..

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