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NY-Sen-B, NY-03: Pete King Reconsidering Senate Race

by: James L.

Wed Dec 23, 2009 at 8:07 AM EST

You may recall that, back in August, GOP Rep. Pete King made one of the mopiest exits from Senatorial consideration in recent memory, kvetching that Gov. David Paterson's decision to tap Kirsten Gillibrand instead of Caroline Kennedy to fill Hillary Clinton's Senate seat robbed him of the opportunity to enter a competitive race. Well, it looks like King, at the urging of Rudy Giuliani, may be having second thoughts:

While Mr. Giuliani mentioned Mr. Pataki and Representative Peter T. King of Long Island as potential challengers to Ms. Gillibrand, those who know Mr. Pataki say the odds of his running are remote. (Efforts to reach Mr. Pataki through a spokesman on Tuesday were unsuccessful.)

Mr. King ruled out a race against Ms. Gillibrand in August, but said in an interview on Tuesday that he would give it a second thought, at the urging of party strategists. A run would mean giving up his House seat and his spot as ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee, and winning would leave him facing re-election in 2012.

Who knows how seriously King is taking this -- if he wants to run, he wasted a hell of a lot of fundraising time in dithering for so long while the industrious Gillibrand has been flooding her coffers. The GOP can't seem to come to terms with letting this race slip away, but they have nothing substantive to show for this race 11 months after Gillibrand's appointment.

UPDATE: King tells Politico that it's unlikely that he'll run, with the chances that he'll take the plunge on a scale of 1-to-10 being a "three".

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James L. :: NY-Sen-B, NY-03: Pete King Reconsidering Senate Race
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That would be awesome of if Peter King ran
Gillibrand would crush him and we might have a chance at getting his house seat!

If Cuomo runs
than the landslide wins of Schumer, Gillibrand, and Cuomo would protect any vulnerable New York dems, in addition to possibly unseating Chris Lee and taking Peter King's seat. I agree that Suozzi is a good candidate for King's seat. The best part about having Peter King run for senate would be the fact that he is known for putting his foot in his mouth while Gillibrand comes off as being very sharp and professional.

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If you want the Michael Jackson fan base to get politically involved...
 Get Peter King on the ballot! He insulted Michael Jackson right after he died. Maybe they forgave him but if you remind them what Peter King said, they should get active. I bet there are some really die hard Michael Jackson fans out there.

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17, CA-06,  

What did he say?

23, Male, Democrat, OH-13

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Good riddance to a pervert
Or something like that.

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That won't encourage a large number of voters
It would be seen as petty to make an issue over it.

26, male, Dem, NJ-12

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I don't think the suggestion is for Gillibrand
To make an issue of it. But Michael Jackson fans might and did when he said it. Though I seriously doubt it is deal breaker or maker.

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You're Right
 I meant to say it could get diehard Michael Jackson fans to campaign against King.

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17, CA-06,  

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Potential slogan
...Peter King doesn't care about people who are black or white.

It's not a problem in his district (not enough Jacko fans), but if he ran statewide, I bet he could attract enough attention to cause at least a few problems.  

Kansan by birth, Californian by choice, and Gay by the grace of God.

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Aside from Giuliani/Pataki, King is probably the GOP's best bet
As I pointed out in another thread re: Rick Lazio, King would probably play very well in his home territory on Long Island, but that alone only brings you to about 43% of the vote statewide. He'd need to win in places like Syracuse, Schenectady, Renesselear and Westchester, which have all trended more and more blue over the years.

Gillibrand's definitely vulnerable, but I dunno if King is even strong enough to overcome the Dem registration advantage. At best, he could eek out a victory like D'Amato '92, and at worst, he could lose by double-digits like D'Amato '98 and Lazio '00.

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With Schumer and Cuomo's landslide wins
I say the results will probably be more around
60% Gillibrand
37% King

If Cuomo definatly running for governor????????

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If Paterson's really at 40% approval, methinks Cuomo doesn't run

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Cuomo will run...
The view of a lot of Democrats in New York is not "will he run?" or "I hope he runs" but "he wouldn't dare not run."

Patterson's numbers are not just disastrous but the unions have turned against him and he has a pretty dismal relationship with the legislature.

There would be hell to pay for Cuomo down the line if he didn't step up.  And while a Patterson renomination might not sink Gillibrand it would be disastrous for down ticket races in the assembly and most importantly the State Senate.

NY-13, Democrat. Blog @ http://infinitefunction.wordpr...

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In a good Republican year
Pete King probably could make a race out of it. As for his House seat...well, we do have Ed Mangano. A Mangano v. Suozzi rematch would be fun.  

Peter King
The way I see it, if you want to attack Peter King, use his association with the IRA, not his opinion of Jacko.

Not sure about that. There is plenty more mainstream to attack him on that puts him out of step with the average New Yorker.

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Peter King says it's unlikely he'll run for Senate
Are we doomed to use dithering for everything now?

Without King I predict a landslide win for Gillibrand
Gillibrand is likely to win with 65%+ of the vote
Schumer is likely to win with 80%+ of the vote
Cuomo is likely to win with 70%+ of the vote

I think Peter King wish run but he want...
... but he want the support of the stablishment. Now open the door because he know the republican stablishment need continue finding.

King should step up
considering a few dozen redistricters are feverishly working on "sticking it to" him right now.

Gillibrand's favorables are well underwater.  He likely won't win but he could make a race of it.

Those few dozen redistricters may not have the ear of the New York State Senate by 2012.

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