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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Voting for Mark Warner's Map Changers

Posted by DavidNYC

Yet another vote-for-'em-and-we'll-support-'em dealie, this time courtesy of Mark Warner's PAC. (You may have already noticed it thanks to the ad in the left-hand column.) The candidate list is much longer than DFA's - too long to reproduce here - so you'll have to go to Forward Together's website to check it out. It's also quite a bit different - it has Sen, House and Gov candidates, and also lists several incumbents. Plus, the voting is in several rounds, with two different regional categories (East and West).

There are also some candidates on the list who truly don't need our help, such as Bennie Thompson (MS-02), whose district is D+10 and handily survived a primary challenge the other night or Bill Nelson (FL-Sen), about whom little need be said at this point. Anyhow, you guys are smart and have a good sense of who could best make use of Mark Warner's assistance. (The final-round winner gets a Warner-hosted fundraiser.) As for me, I voted for Paul Hodes again in the Eastern group and Jon Tester in the West. Go vote.

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I voted for Carney (PA) in the East and Ashdown (Utah) for the West. I recommend everyone to follow suit for these extraordinary candidates!

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