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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

KY-Gov/Lt. Gov: Pence Abandons Fletcher, Won't Run In 2007

Posted by RBH

Guess it's time for the indicted Governor to find a new Lt. Gov

Lt. Gov. Steve Pence will announce Wednesday that he's not running for re-election with Gov. Ernie Fletcher next year and is resigning as the state's Justice Cabinet Secretary, Pence confirmed to the Herald-Leader.

Pence will remain in his elected post of lieutenant governor.

"I talked to the governor this evening and advised him I will not be a candidate for lieutenant governor in 2007," Pence said. "And I'm resigning as secretary of the cabinet effective Aug. 1."

He declined to answer more questions until a Capitol press conference at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Granted, I don't know how useful it is for Fletcher to have a Justice secretary. It would be like Tom DeLay having an ethics advisor.

Pence's contributions include riding Space Mountain after assuming the powers of Governor and being Fletcher's second choice (his first being bounced due to not being able to be a candidate for the job).

Fletcher will have to make the call to replace Pence. He should probably make the applicant pass a background check. After all, it would fulfill a strategy of having one really corrupt candidate and a less corrupt 'running mate'.

Although it should be noted that Fletcher is also very unpopular, with his disapprove numbers jumping to 65% after his indictment. That was just the "post-indictment nosedive," which means it could get much worse soon. (Then again, it should be noted that most politicians don't have their job approval go up after an indictment)

Either way, the rats are jumping ship from the SS Fletcher.

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