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Thursday, May 18, 2006

An Introduction

Posted by RBH

Howdy. It really didn't take a lot of time for me to accept the offer to be a guest blogger here.

While James is from Alberta, I'm from Missouri. Missouri being the geographic center of America, and probably one of the swingingest of all swing states. Missouri offers unpredictablle weather, scenic fields, and Missouri also offers up a front-line Senate race, between Claire McCaskill and Jim Talent.

But then again, I'm sure that the SSP audience probably heard of that whole McCaskill/Talent thing.

When it comes to that campaign, I'll imagine that as we move farther into Summer, Jim Talent will continue to tap dance and sing his new tune. A song which he doesn't usually sing (except in election years).

But, enough about Jim Talent for the moment. When "Jumping Jim" does his "election year tap dance," I'll pass it along.

Back to me for a few moments. I'm 20 (which makes it a bit more incredible that I get to use a shiny object like MT). My first votes were in 2004. I'll also try to refrain from directing donations. I'll also try not to ignite a "Coke v. Pepsi" flamewar. Basically what I'll offer involves campaign news (with possible assists from Google News or Lexis-Nexis or where ever else) .

I'd like to thank David for the offer to be on here. Also, I wouldn't be stunned if I post something on here sometime today or tomorrow.

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Well, hello. I am looking forward to your posts as well as James'. Although I am quite progressive, what I like most about this site is the nuts and bolts campaign stuff. Your posts always have that!

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