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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Six Days, Two Commercials, One GOTV Plan

Posted by Tim Tagaris

A lot has taken place in the last 24 hours in the race to reform Ohio. Two commercials and a nifty 120 hour GOTV operation released by supporters of reform. Both commercials make a very important pivot in the stretch run, connecting the status quo to "Governor fifteen percent," AKA "Mr. Popularity," AKA Republican Governor Bob Taft. First the sizzle, but after you watch the commercials, make sure to take a bite of the steak. If you are from Ohio, please consider getting invovled with the GOTV operation. If you are from anywhere else, they actually have an organized 50 state phone bank available for people to use their free minutes on this weekend.

The first commericial was created by the Citizens to End Corruption. This group is not one of the two major players (Reform Ohio Now & Ohio First), but have raised several hundred thousand dollars to put spots up on the air statewide. This is their second.

Commercial two was created by the good folks at Reform Ohio Now and just might be the best yet of the entire lot.  Really.

120 Hour GOTV Plan The lead of the email I received unveiling the plan called it, "the most important email you have received from Reform Ohio Now," and they weren't lying.

Clicking the link below may mean the difference between bringing the change Ohio desperately needs and getting more of the same. Thousands of you have been working for months, and now it's down to a few short days. If you want change in Ohio, we truly need you to help get out the vote for Issues 2, 3, 4 & 5 as election day approaches on Nov. 8. Please learn more and sign up today at:


Why are we making such a big deal out of this?

Since 2005 is an off-year, traditionally low-turnout election, our success will hinge on our ability to urge people to get out and vote. This is the week to get involved, even if you've never volunteered before -- especially if you've never volunteered before!

We'll connect you with a local organizer and other volunteers and give you everything you need.

Reform Ohio has their nifty GOTV map and operation up and running on their website.  Just click here and find out how and where you can be deployed most effectively in the stretch run.

You'll notice at the bottom of the page, there is also a mechansim for out-of-staters to get involved with Reform Ohio Now this weekend.

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Any new polls out? Hopefully we get a big dem turnout in NE Ohio. Pray for good weather.

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