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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

NV-Sen: Jack Carter to Unseat John Ensign

Posted by Bob Brigham

Following this morning's news that Jack Carter is running for U.S. Senate against John Ensign, there has been a great deal of discussion online about how this is great news for Democrats. While some in the local press think Ensign won't lose in an upset, the news from local bloggers is far different. The Las Vegas Gleaner reports:

Who could possibly envision a scenario where Carter, who will have lived in Las Vegas for less than four years by election day, could unseat Ensign? Who would dare be so silly?

The Gleaner!

First, the obvious: Iraq, gas prices, Brownie, DeLay, Abramoff, Savafian, Rove, Frist, Schaivo, Katrina and the growing perception that Republicans are the party of crony capitalism, corporate influence, corruption and incompetence. So that's a start.

And then there's Yucca Mountain. Yes, yes, all Nevada politicians are "against" Yucca Mountain, and Ensign is no exception. But as we've said (and documented) before, one of the keys to Ensign's 2000 campaign was his claim that, by virtue of being a Republican, he would be able to convince other Republican senators to support Nevada in the Yucca Mountain fight. He didn't deliver. He failed to convince a single additional Republican senator to oppose the nuke dump. Nevada voters, even relatively new ones like, well, Carter, already suffer from Yucca fatigue. But this isn't about Yucca, really. It's about Ensign's utter inability to do what he said he'd do.

The post goes on to look at the Nevada by the numbers, go read the whole thing.

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This is very encouraging news. Jacks dad Jimmy is the worst President in modern times. Jimmys support for Jack should keep this Senate seat firmly in Republican hands.

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