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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

RON: Big Day For Reform Ohio Now

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Reform Ohio Now received the unlikliest of endorsements today. The ultra-conservative Ohio Taxpayers Association came out in support of the three of the four reform issues on Ohio's 2005 ballot. This is no mushy-middle group either; they are the same people who ran radio attack ads on Jean Schmidt the weekend before the special election in OH-2 this year. From the Chairman's blog.

"It is unfortunate that some have made this a Republican versus Democrat issue," continued Pullins. "As a conservative Republican who has worked professionally in the political process for nearly 20 years, I strongly believe that Issues 2, 4, and 5, will benefit all Ohioans."

"I remember the day, not long ago, when Ohio Republicans stood for honesty, integrity, and limited government," continued Pullins. "Today, we have a Governor who has been indicted and convicted of ethical shenanigans, a state party chairman who has benefited from a host of questionable consulting deals, and a group of house leaders who have apparently shaken down big corporations to pay their expenses. At the same time, these officials have supported the growth of out of control state government"

In crafting their argument, the organization undercut two of the Ohio GOP's recurring attacks against reform. The first argument repeated over and over in the mainstream media is the standard Republican fare. Opposition has claimed that the amendments are funded by groups like MoveOn and George Soros, even though they have nothing to do with Issues 2-5. The second was just placed on the Ohio GOP website less than a week ago.

Create complicated, new legislative districts drawn by appointed bureaucrats who do not answer directly to the voters [and] allow those appointed bureaucrats to spend unlimited tax dollars with no direct accountability

That's the GOP's argument against non-partisan redistrcting, arguably the most important of the four measures. For more on Issue Four, Ohio blogger, "Hypothetically Speaking" has the statistics and a compelling argument in favor of the the amendment.

I've said in the past that I am going to write a good deal about the RON amendments. But for the most comprehensive coverage and constant updates, visit Grow Ohio. If you are from Ohio, sign-up.

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