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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

MO-Sen: Dead Heat

Posted by Tim Tagaris

The first poll is out on the Missouri Senate race since Claire McCaskill tossed her hat into the ring.

Jim Talent: 46%
Claire McCaskill: 46%
Other/DK: 8%

The report discussed how support for either candidate is closely associated with support for President Bush, not a surprise. McCaskill is probably getting a bit of a post-announcement bounce, having just announced two weeks ago.

The survey was of 500 likely voters, but they didn't release the margin of error. It's also a bit strange that those numbers are so high with the election more then a year away. Certainly an opportunity to for us to pick up a seat here.

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We are going to need a hand from the national Democratic party. A lot of african-americans are pissed and will not vote for her because she challenged a sitting democratic governor in the primary - and won. A lot of people blame her for losing the squeaker to Matt Blunt (Son of Roy Blunt, R-K Street).

These people misplace their blame. John Kerry pulled out of the state and wrote it off as "red" three weeks before the election. This is what hurt Claire's gubernatorial bid, not that she challenged Bob Holden, a governor I would not have voted for had he survived the primary challenge.

The message needs to get out in Missouri that the national democrats are to blame for Blunt being in the state house, it is not Claire's fault. Those of us with a political streak see through the bullshit. But we need help getting the rest of the state to see this, and put it in perspective.

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