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Thursday, September 01, 2005

From the Swing State Project Team

Posted by Tim Tagaris

We have added a new blog ad to the left linking readers to a Billmon piece that gives a number of different options for those who want to contribute to the people trapped in the Gulf Coast.


For those wondering, there are so many good links about what is going on in the Gulf Coast right now that we aren't going to try and compete--you can expect the same electoral politics coverage you are used to at Swing State Project.

I know that I join many SSP readers in my feeling of complete helplessness. If anyone has information on how we can help in addition to giving money, I am all ears and will do what I can to make sure they get promoted. For those looking for more information, some of the links I am following in the extended entry.

WWLTV Blog in New Orleans
Times Picayune Blog

UPDATE: (Bob) Here is a little more on Bush and Katrina. I think we'll begin to see electoral fallout at the state level as early as tomorrow. I mean, people are calling it Lake George. District by district, state by state, this is rocking the political world.

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