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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Politics PA Exposed

Posted by Tim Tagaris

One of the best kept secrets in Pennsylvania's online community is who is "Sy Snyder" of PoliticsPA fame, and is he/she a Republican or Democrat? "Synder's" site is one of the more respected sources for commentary in the Pennsylvania political scene, and goes out of its way to purport "balanced" coverage of PA politics.

Although I cannot find the links right now, Synder has used the front-page of his highly popular site to mock at least one Philadelphia blogger (Dragonball Yee) who assumed Snyder was a Republican. He/she has also put up polls on the site asking readers to guess what his/her political affiliation is. I have also suspected PoliticsPA of being run by a Republican using the cover of balance to subtely push a Republican message and candidates. I first brought this up on a conference call I had with Philadelphia area online activists in a February conference call.

To be fair, while working for Chuck Pennacchio, I never had a problem with "Snyder." If I ever sent a press release, it was posted within minutes. However, Chris Bowers and one of his intrepid readers over at MyDD appear to have exposed PoliticsPA as funded by the Right Wing Noise Machine. I also know that a number of PA reporters used to check in at Swing State Project while I worked for Chuck (including the Philly Inquirer). If you are still checking Swing State Project, please take note of these developments. PoliticsPA has certainly helped push stories into the mainstream media before, and I hope jounralists act with pause and consider the source in the future.

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