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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

NY-Sen: Pirro Campaign is Just Pretty Pictures, and Monkeys

Posted by DavidNYC

This is from "even the conservative" New York Post (free registration required - just use BugMeNot):

From the looks of this, Jeanine Pirro would rather show off her monkey love than be seen with her ex-con husband, Albert.

Pirro's new campaign Web site — which has 103 pictures of the Westchester DA — features not a single one of her husband of 30 years. And there's no mention of the two-timing tax cheat in her online bio.

The Web photo gallery is extensive.

There's Pirro with singer Tony Bennett and the late actor Ossie Davis; with Republican Govs. Pataki and Arnold Schwarzenegger of California; with Democrats, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Al Sharpton; with her mother and her kindergarten teacher.

And Pirro with that monkey, whose "identity" was not disclosed. It's meant to show her commitment to animal welfare as district attorney.

I guess when your best-known accomplishment is making it on to People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" list, this campaign strategy makes sense. Oh, and here's the monkey. Cute little feller.

And hey, I didn't know about this:

A paralegal came forward and claimed that she had had an affair with [Al Pirro, Jeanine's husband] and that he had fathered her child. After years of denials, he 'fessed up when a DNA test supported the woman's claims.

So the Pirro camp has been trying to claim that Hillary's well-known past issues with Bill will somehow "cancel out" the fact that Al Pirro served an eleven-month sentence for cheating on his taxes. But he also cheated on his wife (and fathered a baby!). So, like an algebra equation, even if the various martial infidelities did cancel each other out, that still leave's Al Pirro's tax fraud on the table. Why am I not surprised that Republicans are only capable of fuzzy math.

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Wonder what she's getting for soldiering bravely on.

Several rude and misogynistic images come to mind, but that's the Republican Party for you...

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