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Friday, August 19, 2005

NY-Gov: Weld to Challenge Spitzer

Posted by DavidNYC

I'm unimpressed with him as a foe for Spitzer, but what the hey, Bill Weld ignored my advice and tossed his hat into the ring anyway.

P.S. Fuck Bill Weld:

[Weld] also retained Mr. Rove's direct-mail firm in his races for governor, and said yesterday that Mr. Rove "is a friend and someone who knows me well."

What a wimpy, scaredy-cat piece of shit Weld is. If he were to have any chance in NY, it would be to run as an old-style liberal Republican (ie, the otherwise extinct variety) and demonstrate that the national party holds no sway over him. But instead he calls that scum Rove a "friend" - Rove, who denigrated all New Yorkers by coming to NYC and attempting to slander "liberals."

This ad, as they say, just writes itself. I had no idea this race would be this easy for Eliot. Just hang Rove around Weld's sorry-ass neck.

(Oh, and wanna bet that Bill Weld is afraid of the dirt Rove has on him - and the whisper campaigns which Rove is so excellent at starting? Nah - don't take that bet. It's a sucker's play. Of course Weld is scared of Rove.)

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It took Weld exactly 5 seconds to flip-flop on support for marriage equality. Wonder if Rove recommended that move?


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