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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

NY-06: CAFTA 15 Feeling the Heat

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Seems Representative Meeks' Senior Policy Advisor is feeling the heat after the congressman sold out the working men and women of America with his CAFTA vote.

By the way, since your last email cited Crain's NY, I hope you saw their editorial today regarding Cafta, along with the many others. So keep up your racist campaign. But just a warning to you, when we respond back, you better be prepared. Because we will fight back your racist campaign of misinformation. And it will be just as ugly and nasty as you and your fellow Nadar klansmen. Put that in your elitist pipe and choke on it!"
I kind of hope they wage war against the blogs on this vote. In a district that has failed to field a Republican challenger in two cycles, it would be a shame if Meeks met the same fate as Henry Cuellar in TX-28. In addition to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, apparently the NAACP is a bunch of racists as well.

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Psst! That's Henry Cuellar, not Charlie.

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