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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

NJ-Gov: Stoller Takes Down Forrester

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Actually, Forrester takes down Forrester might be a more fitting title for this entry:

# Despite a fourteen year political career, Forrester calls himself an outsider to Trenton, denouncing pay-to-play and no-bid public sector contracts. It's then revealed that 80% of his company's contracts are no-bid public sector contracts.

# Forrester lauds Monmouth County as an example of good government during a Republican fundraiser. Monmouth County insider Anthony Palughi is indicted that same day for bribery.

# Aside from no-bid public sector contracts, it turns out that Doug Forrester also owns an insurance company called Heartland Fidelity that he started in 2003. Owners of insurance companies that do business in New Jersey are not allowed to give money to political candidates. Every single one of Forrester's campaign contributions - including those to his self-financed campaign - is possibly illegal and may need to be returned.

Scott Shields finishes the one-two over at MyDD.

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