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Thursday, August 11, 2005

MT-Sen: Conrad Burns in Serious Trouble

Posted by Bob Brigham

You don't have to believe me about Montana Senator Conrad Burns vulnerability, ask the Republicans. Karl Rove brought his culture of corruption to Big Sky during a bagman vacation. But Turd Blossum wasn't enough, now they need the Dick Cheney flying to Billings?

Let's talk about Billings and Burns for a minute. Yellowstone County is a traditional Republican stronghold that can be make-or-break for Democrats. I think the turning point in the campaign came a few months ago when the Billings Gazette called bullshit.

Here's how it went down, Burns tried to force op-ed columns full of disinformation on the fact he is a key figure in multiple federal corruption investigations. The Gazette said OK, we'll print your bullshit, but we're going to do our own take on the subject and print it directly above you. A few hours later, "B.S." was how Burns defense was described on a Gazette blog.

Reporters need to go read Josh Marshall and keep calling bullshit.

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