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Monday, August 29, 2005

Handheld News

Posted by Bob Brigham

So there I am, walking home. The only question on my mind was why there were three helicopters circling over my neighborhood. So I pulled out my handheld and checked the local news:

(CBS 5) San Francisco police said they were in a standoff with robbery suspects in the Centerfold's strip club Monday.

Officers had the area surrounded, and a nearby school -- John Yehall Chin Elementary -- was in lockdown. Broadway was shut down between Sansome and Kearny, and police were advising everyone in the area near Broadway and Montgomery to stay indoors and stay away from windows.

Investigators said the incident started with a report of a robbery around noon at Centerfolds. The standoff was still ongoing at 3pm, with police estimating between two and four armed men inside.

The problem is, they weren't inside:

San Francisco police, including a bomb squad and a SWAT team, converged on a Broadway strip club today on reports that four armed men had tried to rob the establishment.

Officers surrounded the Centerfolds club for four hours and made several unsuccessful attempts to contact anyone inside. When they finally went through the club just before 3:30 p.m. they found no one, police said.

And so, we have a giant manhunt in my neighborhood. I'm going to go shoot some video...

UPDATE: (Bob) And just like that, it is over. The mobile police command RV has rolled on along, same with the all of the cop cars. The helicopters are gone. And so are the 4 armed men -- gone. At the corner store, the guy thinks they may have made it out via the sewer system. My gut tells me this story is going to take a turn for the wacky in the next couple of news cycles.

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With all due respect (because I enjoy this website so much), what on earth does this story have to do with "Campaign & Election News - Covering Key Races Around the Country" ? I'll repost my comments that were in reply to Tim's earlier post "A Hatred That Knows No Limits"

I got hooked on this website at the beginning of Paul Hackett's campaign for OH-02 and since that election is over, I've been continually visiting this site with a "what next" curiousity. I don't know why you guys dilute your focus with posts like this, or stuff about the Hurricane. I can read political commentary on blogs all day long if I want to. Maybe you guys haven't defined a scope for your website, but my suggestion is to reign in all the commentary I could just as easily find on dailykos. I hope to read lots more about Hackett vs DeWine or Casey vs Santorum or Taft vs himself in the upcoming months.

Maybe none of your other readers care about this and I should just shut up, but you're going to lose one avid reader. Can't you just create your own personal blog for this kind of crap?

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