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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Good Works PAC

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Swing State Project visitors may have noticed a new ad on the left purchased by Good Works PAC. I wanted to take a second and urge you to click on the ad to see what they have to offer--especially those of you in the "reddest" of Congressional Districts (if you are too lazy to scroll and click, here is the link).

I had the opportunity to meet with the PAC Director, Eric Loeb, while I worked to get Chuck Pennacchio's Internet campaign off the ground several months ago. Truth be told, I was very skeptical at first, and frankly a bit turned off. But the more I see, the more I like. Eric has really gone out of his way to reach out to the blogosphere, and done so locally.

Eric's first taker was Swing State Project commentor and New York City Council candidate Gur Tsabar. Again, I urge you to click on the ad to the left and find out more. In short, Good Works PAC seeks to mobilize volunteers and build organizations through good works and community service. I kind of view it as DeanCorps on steroids (hopefully). Check it out.

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Thanks, Tim.

I had no idea you were actually turned off at first. I'm glad you've been won over to the idea. :)

There's quite a bit of debate now on whether we should be funding candidates in districts where Democrats don't stand a chance. GoodWorks-PAC.prg is actively seeking out and funding exactly those candidates for reasons that seem to be overlooked in the debate (that I've seen):

1) Even if we lose the Congressional race, having a candidate helps our turnout, which in turn helps us in the statewide races. This particularly matters in the effort to defeat Santorum here in PA. There are 120,000 extra votes available in a good turnout year in the districts where we're operating here in PA. That's a PA victory margin. Showing up in the red districts matters.

2) Given that we are likely to lose the Congressional race, the primary campaign is open territory for EXPERIMENTATION. What the heck. We keep doing the same things and losing. How about we explore something different?

GoodWorks-PAC is focused on experiments with public service in the primaries in this cycle. The long term objective is to make sure we consistently experiment with new ways of doing things... cycle after cycle.

As Tim says, please check it out!

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