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Monday, August 29, 2005

Chicago: Mayor Daley Talks to the Feds

Posted by Bob Brigham

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is in serious trouble and the netroots won't be there to help. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is on track to be Chicago's next mayor, but Daley has bigger problems to worry about.

Daley was interviewed by federal investigators fighting corruption. From the Chicago Tribune:

Federal corruption probe reaches Daley
For the first time in their probe of alleged corruption in Chicago city government, federal investigators today questioned Mayor Richard Daley.

Mayor Daley brought a lawyer...

"What I can say is I answered their questions fully and openly," Daley said. "I cannot comment on the substance of their questions."

Representatives of the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago spoke with the mayor for two hours, city officials said. [...]

Two city officials were charged last month with rigging the city's hiring system to flout a court order, the Shakman Decree, that bars City Hall from considering politics when filling most city jobs. The jobs in question allegedly went to political favorites of the Daley administration.

Daley said federal investigators requested the meeting some weeks ago, and his staff worked out a time. He did not know if the investigators would seek additional meetings.

"It was about a number of issues and an ongoing investigation," Daley said. "I fully cooperated with the U.S. attorney's office."

The Political Wire has a source in Chicago. I thought the wording was interesting:

"Daley's been talking to the feds... The whole City Hall/County Building has been abuzz since this morning."

Stick a fork in him.

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