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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Weekend Political Weather Report

Posted by Bob Brigham

Political Heat Wave Special Report… It is looking like an unbearably hot weekend, but first we have a report that the U.S. Senate Democratic Policy Committee (DPC) and the U.S. House Government Reform Committee Minority joint committee will be meeting at 10AM Eastern tomorrow. The hearing will be investigating the national security implications of disclosing the identity of a covert intelligence officer. This should be a media circus, it is going to make for great stories. But more importantly, this will mark a significant escalation of congressional action to address the Karl Rove Scandal. The weather is expected to be stuffy and unseasonably hot.

It will hit the papers on Saturday -- the forecast calls for dry and windy. I recommend grabbing a cold beverage and reading up on John Roberts (also enjoy the GOP internal memo).

Sunday could see record highs. Skip the talking heads, it will be boring (each time a Democrat is asked about John Roberts you're going to hear an answer talking about the Karl Rove scandal). The opinion pages will be combustible. When it gets this hot and the wind begins to whip, it doesn't take much start a wild fire.

Next week, the heatwave will continue with no end in sight.

UPDATE EMERGENCY WARNING - The Damn is about to Break:

Operation Save Rove's Ass is about to be dealt another serious blow, as their flanking attack with Roberts was at best a minor diversion. Roberts proved to lack in the, what would you call it, "Ann Coulter factor". Democrats took a look at him, saw a conservative but not the worst kind, and said, "we'll get to him in September". Not much for the press to dig into, really.

The Rovians didn't count on another fact -- that most news organizations have more than one reporter. So they could assign one to cover Roberts, and a second to continue digging on the Rove affair. And Roberts or no Roberts, the Plame Affair is still one juicy story.

If Olberman and Raw Story are right, the real fireworks are about to begin.

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