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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stop the Cover-Up: Fire Karl Rove

Posted by Bob Brigham

Moveon protest


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The husband of a CIA agent whose identity was exposed during the fierce debate over the Iraq war accused the White House on Thursday of being involved in a giant "cover-up" involving top aide Karl Rove. [...]

"What this thing has been for the past two years has been a cover-up, a cover-up of the ... web of lies that underpin the justification for going to war in Iraq," said Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson, a career foreign service officer who served in the Clinton White House.

"And to a certain extent, this cover-up is becoming unraveled. That's why you see the White House stonewalling," Wilson told NBC's "Today" show. [...]

About 100 protesters picketed outside the White House later, chanting "Hey, hey, ho ho, Karl Rove has got to go." They were organized by the liberal group MoveOn.org, which provided signs that read: "Stop the Cover-up: Fire Karl Rove."

More pics from the MoveOn Political Action rally after the jump:

white house protest

fire karl rove

More from Reuters:

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed the percentage of Americans who believed Bush was "honest and straightforward" fell to 41 percent from 50 percent in January, and those who said they doubted his veracity climbed to 45 percent from 36 percent.

Democratic National Committee chief Howard Dean said he thought the president was losing credibility over Rove.

Bush lied -- he needs to keep his word and FIRE KARL ROVE.

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