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Friday, July 29, 2005

Sorry About That, Folks

Posted by DavidNYC

Sorry for the temporary outage. We went to bed last night with just 3 days left in the month but 13% of our bandwidth quota remaining. Shoulda been fine, right? Well, 24,000 visitors in one day can change that equation right quick. It was our second-biggest single day ever, after election day 2004. Thanks for bearing with us!

Also, you'll notice we've made a bit of a change to our site design. We've replaced our long column of category and date archive links (which used to be on the left, below our main ad strip) with drop-down menus that are now accessible at the top of the screen. Things may look a little wonky as we work out the kinks, so please leave a comment here or shoot us an e-mail if you notice a problem.

Speaking of which, Bob & Tim have been on fire of late, and what you see on the front page is only a small sampling of what they've been pouring out. Some good places to start would be the "July 2005" archive, and if you're here looking for news about the Ohio special election, try the "Ohio" category.

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if you need some help - www.licopac.org is a typepad account believe it or not - Tim suggested i used it for simplicity which it is - but since then i discovered it can be much more.

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