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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rove to Roberts and Back to Terrorism

Posted by Bob Brigham

John Roberts had his day in the sun. The expectations game was won because Bush's nominee isn't yet FUBAR -- quite an accomplishment for a Lame Duck President whose partisan hacks are under investigation for high crimes against national security.

And now we have this:

1440 It is now becoming clear that there were three attempted bombings today - at Oval station, at Warren Street station, and on a 26 bus in Hackney. Speculation suggests the detonators on these devices went off, but the bombs themselves did not. Should this be the case, there are clearly going to be huge risks in disarming the devices. But in the bombs there is the potential for clues as to who, exactly, is behind this.

1431 Sir Ian Blair, Metropolitan Police commissioner, says there are four scenes of explosions, or attempts at explosions. He says "casualty numbers are very low" and the devices are smaller than last time. The tube is closed down "for a short while", although mainline trains are running normally. The Cobra committee is about to meet.

1430 Newsblog reader Robert Andrews notes possibly the first moblogged pictures and video from one of the scenes.

Remember, the UK blogs will be a great source for the coverage. But the blogs in America are going to stay focused on Karl Rove.

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