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Friday, July 15, 2005

New Rock the Vote Flash Video

Posted by Bob Brigham


From a Rock the Vote press release:

WASHINGTON – One million young people will receive a new flash video from Rock the Vote in their email inboxes this morning urging them to “get the facts and don’t get played” when it comes to Social Security. Rock the Vote, the non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to building political power for young people, emailed an internet-based issue ad out to its one million members and supporters, designed to educate young people about the future of Social Security.

The ad, called “DON’T GET PLAYED”, is available at Rock the Vote’s website. It was designed as part of Rock the Vote’s member-supported campaign to speak out against the massive up-front government debt, cuts in Social Security benefits, and increases in risk that accompany most private accounts proposals.

Rock the Vote’s campaign is presently focused on reaching outside the beltway and educating young people directly, seeking an impact more in the polls than in the halls of Congress. Already polls are showing that young people who are paying more attention to the Social Security debate are most opposed to privatization.

“Millions of young people think Social Security won’t be there for them,” said Rock the Vote’s Washington Director, Hans Riemer. “In fact, even with no changes, Social Security can pay larger benefits to young people than seniors get today. Changes are needed to strengthen the fund, but if you think Social Security is going to disappear you are getting played.”

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