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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Maryscott O'Connor's My Left Wing Blog

Posted by Bob Brigham

From a MyDD Diary:

Did you know that Maryscott OConnor has a new blog? It's called "My Left Wing", not to be confused with My  Left Foot, which was a movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis. I only mention this because Maryscott O'Connor was recently lamenting the fact that My  Left Wing is not showing up in her searches yet. Bummer, huh? Maryscott O'Connor puts all sorts of time, energy, and animated gifs into rolling out her new blog, My Left Wing, and My Left Wing doesn't even show up on search engines yet. Oh, the humanity!

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Heh. Thanks for the plug.

Gonna blogroll me? : )

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ah...strength MaryScott...the sign of every good Irish girl....

The Political Dogfight

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