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Friday, July 22, 2005

How to Talk to Bloggers

Posted by Bob Brigham

Following yesterday's Washington Post article on the Democratic Blogger Swarm, it appears that it is time once again to visit the ongoing discussion on politics and the blogosphere.

Last week, Tim Tagaris looked at candidates joining the discussion which picked up where he left off with the famous ATM post. Today, John Aravosis posted Online Etiquette 2.0. It is a great post -- read it (Atrios says, "Good Advice"). I would like to add one item:

10. Format appropriately.

As we saw with yesterday's posting of GOP internal memo on John Roberts, bloggers like to get good stuff and many of us will liberally dump content in extended entries. So don't send bloggers PDF's of text documents. If you're really smart, you can send it as a text email with simple HTML formatting (bold, links, italic). Next best is send an HTML email. Remember that many bloggers won't open attached documents. So if you have a pic, the best way is to send a link.

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