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Friday, July 15, 2005

Editorial: Scott McClellan Should Resign Immediately

Posted by Bob Brigham

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial:

The person who should step down immediately is White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan.

Every White House correspondent knows that a press secretary's job involves a good deal of "spin" and administration-friendly interpretations of the facts. But it can't involve what now seem like outright falsehoods. And that is the trap in which McClellan now finds himself.

He insisted on several occasions that Rove played no role in the Plame incident. He ridiculed those who even suggested it. "Totally ridiculous" and "not true," he said. "There is simply no truth to that suggestion," McClellan said on Sept. 29, 2003, in a typical statement. "And I have spoken with Karl about it."

Now McClellan is squirming and stonewalling by saying he won't comment because of the "ongoing investigation" into the mess -- further infuriating a press corps that feels it was had.

Yes, McClellan lied to the press corps and played them for fools. In fact, Bush operatives have used this approach since they first started campaigning for President. They used it in Texas. And only know is the press corp finally waking up -- and demanding McClellan's scalp.

His credibility is shot.

McClellan is not the source of this mess at the White House, but his obfuscation about the abrupt U-turn in the official story line is unacceptable.

He should resign.

I think Scott McClellan should be fired. He lied to the American people in a cover-up. He should be fired immediately.

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