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Friday, July 08, 2005

Bloggers have Sources

Posted by Bob Brigham

On the front page of Swing State Project, we keep info on how to contact us. We do this NOT so you can put us on your blast email list (which is far from endearing). We do this so you can contact us.

As of late, I've tried to post something anytime some good liberals start a good website. SSP has damn fine search engine optimization, so even if it doesn't fark the servers it will make it a little easier for people to find it. Many of these sites I know of because people chose to contact me.

We also have a healthy club of Swing State Project regulars who correct us in the comments and help us stay on top of the action in the states. Some things are better in an email than in the comments and the regulars use both.

Finally, because Tim and I both work in politics professionally (and DavidNYC occassionally lives in DC where he can ply sources with alcohol) we also get stuff that "falls off of a truck" or whatever. There's been a lot of this as of late...Kos with poll numbers "from a trusted source", Josh Marshall mentioning that a "a legal memo fell into my hands from the sky".

This is something that I think we'll see more regularly -- especially during the Supreme Court nomination battle (I've been reading over lengthy oppo files for a week now). So feel free to contact us, but don't expect anything from us.

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You guys are great, I want to thank you for helping get stuff out there, and yes your search site optomization is fricken awesome !

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