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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Posted by DavidNYC

We interrupt your regularly scheduled campaign and election news with this announcement: The Swing State Project has just passed one million lifetime visitors. Like everyone else who starts a small blog and one day winds up in this position, I never could have imagined this would happen.

But wow - 1,000,000. All I can say is, that's pretty cool. And thanks - thanks to Markos at DailyKos for inspiring me to blog and giving me the tools to get started (via the diaries), to Chris Bowers for providing such excellent content with his General Election Cattle Call, to the several guest-posters who contributed during last year's election campaign, to our webmaster Ben, for his technical wizardry, to BlogAds and all of our advertisers, and these days, of course, to Tim and Bob, for their non-stop, super-enthusiastic and incredibly well-informed coverage of campaigns and elections throughout the country. They, far more than I, are now responsible for the great site that is the Swing State Project.

But one thing is for sure - you don't reach 1,000,000 visitors without a whole bunch of loyal readers. You guys, above all, are what makes this site tick. The conversations in the comment threads here are almost always illuminating, and I can't tell you how much I've learned just be reading what you, the users, have to say. So, to all the people who ever stopped by this site - and especially those who took the time to leave a thoughtful comment - you have my deepest thanks.

To the next million!

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