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Monday, June 27, 2005

SCOTUS: Re-Draw the Battle Lines or Cease Fire?

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Today's the big day. Will Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist retire? How about Justice Sandra Day O'Connor? Big decisions on several issues including protecting journalists from revealing sources, "The Ten Commandments," file sharing, and the death penalty.

Hopefully David will have something at some point in the near future on some of the decisions. Until then, follow the "court wire" for up to the minute information.

As for the retirements; I am ready for another fight.

UPDATE: Supreme Court rules against 10 Commandmnents Displays (Kentucky Case). We are still waiting to see if there is a retirement today. If there is, rest assured, the Fristians will use this decision as a rallying cry.
UPDATE 2: Supreme Court decides against hearing reporters cases in Valerie Plame case.
UPDATE3: File sharing companies liable for file-swapping (eh, David corrects me on Kos--this decision only means that a case against a company can go to trial).
UPDATE 4: Instead of covering the Supreme Court decisions and possible retirements, CNN and Fox News have found it perfectly reasonable to air some mass murderer's painstaking descriptions of 10 counts of murder, how he did each, in detail, and his sexual fantasies while he was killing them.

This could be a new low.

UPDATE 5: Supreme Court rules that you can display the 10 Commandments outside the Texas State House(Texas case).
UPDATE 6: Supreme Court adjourns with no retirements announced.

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