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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rove Resignation Watch

Posted by Bob Brigham

UPDATE: Sign the petition.

America has never been as united as we were following September 11th. In fact, the whole world stood with us in our time of need. But Bush squandered that moment, that rare opportunity. Since then, support for both Bush and America has been in a tailspin because of the abuse of power by the Republican Administration. Now Karl Rove is seeking to further divide Americans to distract from the fact that Bush is losing the war on terror, has lost the war in Iraq, failed to privatize Social Security, was checked upon trying to eliminate the filibuster, and is widely considered to be a failed, lame-duck. Karl Rove's desperate maneuver must be dealt with promptly, Rove must either resign or be fired.

Here are the ACTION ITEMS, this entry will serve as a home for the blogswarm calling upon Rove to retire. It will be updated, feel free to send track-backs to be included and of course, feel free to repost:

AmericaBlog: "Fire this asshole, now."

Kos: "as their fortunes circle the drain, they resort to outrageous attacks in an attempt to distract from their own incompetence."

Paul Waldman: "Karl Rove's comments are even more despicable than what we've come to expect from Republicans. There is no depth to which they will not sink, no tragedy they will not exploit for political gain."

Talking Points Memo: "Rove should apologize or resign."

Mixter's Mix: "Seems our favorite neo-fascist is back to identifying enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause. (#3 on the list of The 14 Characteristics of Fascism by Laurence W. Britt.)"

Pissed on Politics: "Rove, sensing Bush is in trouble, has decided to harkin back to the dark days of 9/11 in hopes of re-vitilizing that blind patriotism and mindless flag waiving this administration so desperately needs in order to propagate their agenda."

A Liberal Marines Progressive Perspective: "My only response to this kind of lame nonsense is to say, Mr. Rove...shut the f**k up! See, people like this guy should be VERY QUIET when it comes to the subject of warfare or anything that even remotely pertains to warfare and warfighting. People like Rove, et al. are extremely dangerous and should be taken with a grain of salt whenever they start flapping their gums about military service, war or any other activity in which they have no real knowledge. George C. Scott (as General George S. Patton) said the following about clowns like Mr. Rove in the opening monologue of the Academy Award winning movie 'Patton' (http://www.simplyscripts.com/oscar_winners.html):

"...They don't know any more about real fighting, under fire, than they do about fornicating...""

Patridiot Watch: "Karl Rove's Pants Are on Fire"

Capitol Buzz: "Call the White House and tell him to shut the fuck up!!!"

Yowling from the Fencepost: "Rove, hubris, and foot-in-mouth disease."

Born Angry: "You know, when this is all over--if it is ever all over--Karl Rove and the entire Bush Bundestag should be sent to Gitmo!"

Democratic Planks: "How dare he say that as I sat terrified in my New York apartment and watched the twin towers crumble, my thoughts were "let's give therapy to these people... these poor people are just misunderstood."

No, Karl, you are totally fucking wrong.
How dare you play petty politics with the tragedy of 9/11?
And isn't it convenient that you are raking up the mud at the point when your brainchild administration's poll numbers are in the toilet? [...]

Rove's statement is simply gross, and right now I want to kick him in the head. What he suggested said out loud at a ballroom event held only a few miles from gound zero is reprehensible, dispicable and totally characteristic of the entire Bush administration."

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