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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

PA-10: Dem. Challenger Responsible for Iraq/Al Qaeda Meme?

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Don Sherwood (R-PA), now on the butt end of a lawsuit for allegedly abusing a twenty-nine year old mistress during a five year adulterous bonanza, has always had a pretty safe seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Not anymore. Political Science professor, and Democrat, Chris Carney is going to take his shot at Sherwood and believes there are "some cracks in Mr. Sherwood’s armor now.”

Unfortunately, Carney works as a "special consultant for the Department of Defense," and was part of the intelligence team that alleged the link between Saddam and Al-Qaeda.

Critics of the Iraq war have criticized Carney’s conclusions, saying much of the information was outdated and inconclusive. They claim President Bush used Carney’s research to help bolster his case for war. Carney stands by his work.

"On this issue with the president, I agree,” he said. “I firmly believe there were links between Iraq and al Qaida. There’s no question in my mind. I’m comfortable with that. What I’m uncomfortable with is the problems within the intelligence community at large."

Can't say that I feel too comfortable about that.

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Looks like there is another possible Dem in this race. Greg Skrepenak is a popular NFL veteran from the area and the chairman of the Luzerne County Commission. He seems interested but wants to make sure that the support is out there.


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