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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska

Posted by Tim Tagaris

As Gov. Dean dives deeper and deeper into his plan to rebuild the grassroots of the party, state by state, those still waiting with their hands out need look no further than the great state of Nebraska. Truth be told, they were getting down to business well before the DNC selected them as one of the first benefactors of the 50 state plan.

Bob mentioned their email earlier today that didn't even ask for a penny in the communique. They simply wanted us to know they have a beautiful new site with many opportunities to get involved and activated within the state.

Frankly, I can't say enough good things about Nebraska.

Here is a state, while waiting for their new site, was so hungry to participate in two-way communication with the grassroots that they started a well-attended blogspot site.

Here is a state that the University of Nebraska-Omaha calls home. The students at that school are holding their own Frist Filibuster (like the Princeton students) RIGHT NOW! Weeks after the comrpomise, they are still keeping news of the Republican power grab/over-reach in the news. That's "throwing them an anvil."

But of course, no one should really be surprised, because that's the same school that has their own College Democrats blog--one that always seems to have all kinds of comments and discussion going on.

Here is a state, whose Executive Deputy Director for the Democratic Party, Heath Mello, has gone around emailing bloggers ASKING THEM FOR THEIR ADVICE on how to make the new Nebraska Democratic Party website the best vehicle for participation and two-way communication it can be.

So, in a word, Nebraska!

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So, they'll probably feel more complimented if you spell the state name right all three times. ;)

Or, is there a joke I'm not in on?

And let me add, NEBRASKA!!!!!!!!!!

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