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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bloggers Converge on D.C. Part II

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Kos hits it out of the park:

COMMISSIONER SMITH: All right, Mr. Moulitsas, you've got this guy Armando who posts on your site with some regularity. I don't know who he is; he's just Armando.

KOS: Yes.

COMMISSIONER SMITH: Armando [correcting pronunciation. First, he pronounced "Armando" with the second syllable with the "a" sounding like in the word "at."] He's been publishing some stuff saying that the Republican Commissioners all want to regulate the Internet. It's part of a Bush administration plot to silence the left. Now, it's hard for me to imagine reporting that would be more counterfactual and incorrect and goofy, all right? Why on earth--most of your comments are devoted to the press exemption, your written comments--why should you get the press exemption when you're publishing something so irresponsible as that and so factually inaccurate?

KOS: You know, I'd say the same thing about Bob Novak and Charles Krauthammer and Tucker Carlson and--I mean, I could go down the list. We don't deem--we don't give the press exemption based on the content, the political leanings or whether it't 100 percent factual or not. Armando, you know, in addition to that, also led the charge against Alberto Gonzalez being confirmed as Attorney General and actually moved a lot of people to actively oppose Alberto Gonzalez. So he was right. That was true. Gonzalez is a torturer.

Much more later, I am sure. I can't wait to read the reactions from Kos, Atrios, and Matt Stoller. As an aside, the AP wrote an article already about the exchange between the FEC and bloggers.

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