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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Voinovich's Tearful Plea Against Bolton

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Amazing video. DemBloggers has the piece, and I have already watched it four times. A tearful pleas from the well of the Senate by George Voinovich (R-OH), begging his colleagues to vote down the Bolton nomination tomorrow.

"At a strategic time, when we need friends all over the world, we need somebody up there that's gonna be able get the job done. And I know some of my friends say, 'let it go george it's gonna work out.' I don't wanna take the risk. I ran for a second term, because I'm worried about my kids, and my grandchildren."
I was touched, truly, for all of about 5 seconds. And then I remembered, Senator Voinovich, your kids, your grandchildren, and the people of America needed your vote a few weeks ago when you let Bolton out of committee.

Now unless you can convince a handful of your "friends" why you were wrong, your tears are for nothing; we're gonna have this asshole as Ambassador to the U.N. These bums are lucky only a small handful of people are paying attention to this stuff out here in the real world. It's just too ridiculous to be true.

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