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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Philly-DA: VOTE!

Posted by Tim Tagaris

That's it. The time for talking is done. Campaign staffers and volunteers for Seth Williams are manning phone banks, walking blocks, and working GOTV in a race that should be important to all of us bloggers across the country.

And while traditional campaign staffers are burning the shoe-leather, Williams' "band of bloggers" are opening their lap-tops, logging on to their PCs and MACs, and attempting to virtually GOTV. To the best of my knowledge, this has never been done before in such a local race. The scope of what these bloggers have accomplished has been tremendous, and we'll have a full run-down as soon as the ballots are cast. But for now, the time to talk is done, it's time to GOTV.

If you know anyone in Philadelphia, get them to the polls. If you blog, write about Seth's race. If you have time, log on to Seth's website and get involved in their nationwide phone bank. When Seth Williams preforms better than any expected, this will be our victory as well.

For more information on why the "Philadelphia Phenomenon" is so important, CLICK HERE. Polling Place Locator HERE.

UPDATE: From Bob

I know that people will read this who know people in Philly. Drop them an email, tell them about Seth Williams, and remind them of the importance of voting in the primary today. Take a quick moment RIGHT NOW and see if you can move a couple of votes. Others will join you. Thanks everyone!

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Thanks guys. And, to anyone in Philly, HELP US.

Turnout is very very low. Every vote will make a difference, and every volunteer will be huge. If you are in Philly, and even if you just have a few hours, come to 1606 WALNUT, and help us GOTV. They will give you campaign lit there.

We can win, but we need every last hand on deck.

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