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Sunday, May 08, 2005

On Mother's Day: Mainstreet Moms

Posted by Bob Brigham

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

From Megan Matson's MyDD Diary:

This summer: Leave My Child Alone!

We're just launching (the HTML's still wet) a partnership with Working Assets I am completely excited about. Leave My Child Alone takes on a sneaky ingredient of the "No Child Left Behind" Act that strong-arms local high schools into turning over student information to military recruiters. Many parents have no idea this is even happening.

I hope you'll decide to add this action to your Meetups on June 1st. Just email Eden James, a DFA Meetup Organizer extraordinaire, for full info. We're developing a database of 12,000 School Superintendents, Opt Out forms, and backgrounders.

Other actions at The MMOB include our California creation titled Moms-to-Maria. We're urging Maria Shriver to "pillow talk" her husband out of his Special Election schemings.

Next up is Register-Don't-Recruit, a mom-created campaign that handholds you through registering kids on your local high school campus. And as soon as THAT dust settles and we catch up on the laundry (which could take a while), it's onto Election Reform, and an Energy action called Mercury-Free Schools. So join us, if you can, and please add your idears to our Yahoo! discussion group.

Thank you DFA, thanks to every blessed one of you still going, and going, and going, and happy, happy Mother's Day.

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