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Monday, May 23, 2005

Nuclear Option: Houston Bar Grades Owen "Poor"

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Hat tip to Suburban Guerilla.

Priscilla Owens was just rated “poor” by the Houston Bar Association by almost half of the respondents. She had the lowest rating on the Texas Supreme Court of any justice.

To be exact, 39.5% rated her "outstanding," 15.2% rated her "acceptable," and 45.3 rated her "poor."

The "guts" of the poll show an equally "poor" perception of Owen. Fourty-eight percent of respondents rate Owen as "poor" when it comes to being "impartial and open-minded with respect to determining the legal issues." Her rating among Texas Supreme Courts colleagues was the lowest among all justices on, being "attentive to the oral argument," "interact[ing] constructively with counsel during oral arguments," and her opinions "demonstrat[ing] a well-reasoned, clearly written disposition of the case based on proper of the law to the record."

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The people who know her best...

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