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Monday, May 23, 2005

DLC Worthless in Nuclear Fight

Posted by Bob Brigham

A member of the Democratic Leadership Forum is the last person I would ever want in my fox hole. When the going gets tough, you know they're going to stop shooting at the enemy, start shooting at you, and say it is necessary for the Third Way.

For those unfamiliar with the DLC's Third Way, it is the Republican way, but hidden behind the word 'Democrat' to ensure the attacks against Democrats have more sting.

With the Republicans declaring "nuclear war" upon the institution of the senate, you would think this is one time DLC could pull together with Democratic Party. But instead the DLC chose to stand against Harry Reid and join the Republican Party in blaming the Democrats for why the GOP doesn't have total control.

From the DLC:

A clear Democratic willingness to be reasonable on judges will not only defuse this contrived crisis, but will also force Republicans to either live up to their responsibilities as a governing party or expose the power of extremists in their ranks.

Democrats have been reasonable and this is far from a "contrived" crisis. Democrats have been very reasonable, yet the GOP is starting this crisis because the Democratic Party hasn't joined the DLC in rolling over every single time. Democrats have approved 95% of judges, Bush and Frist want 100%, and the DLC blames the Democrats?

The nice thing about this battle is the whole world gets to see who is lining up on whose side. If the DLC won't stand with the Democratic Party during a GOP nuclear attack, then why the fuck would we ever let them near our party during good times?

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