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Monday, May 09, 2005

Democrats Crybaby Caucus

Posted by Bob Brigham

From David Sirota:

But enough is enough: this selfish, petty war these "moderates" are waging against the Democratic leadership is truly irresponsible and has become completely destructive. [...]

Pelosi is right to let her colleagues know that when they undermine the majority of Democrats who are courageously defending ordinary Americans, there will be no "understanding" or "respect." There will be exactly the opposite - that's the kind of tough discipline the Republicans used to build their majority, and that's how Democrats will ultimately build theirs. Pelosi and the Democratic leadership should ignore these sad crybabies who are undermining so many good Democratic foot soldiers in Congress, stay focused on the real problem (aka. the GOP), and press on the way they have been over the last few months.


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