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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

BlogPAC: Regionalization Project Begins

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Taking it to the next level. Bloggers talking to bloggers. A coordinated effort acting as a "force multiplier" within individual states. After much anticipation, BlogPAC has officially taken their national success and started the process of drilling down to the statewide level. So, before you read another word, sign your blog up right now in the appropriate state, familiarize yourself with other bloggers from your area, and start getting excited about the future.


(Back from signing up your blog, and seeing who is writing from your area?)

Then there is the group of bloggers in Philadelphia (and now Pittsburgh--more later) who are taking the concept of regionalization to the next level in local races. It's been a big week for Seth Williams, and he certainly has the Big Mo' heading into next weeks primary. The regionalization efforts of a handful of Philly bloggers have resulted in several press pieces for Seth Williams; that's priceless publicity with ballots being cast one week from today.

Now Seth has the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police and Pennsylvania's largest newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer. Despite being outspent 26 to 1 by incumbent Lynne Abraham, CBS in Philadelphia is now saying, "one of the most high-profile contests [in next weeks primary] is the Democratic nomination for Philadelphia District Attorney." And tomorrow, Seth has another article slated for the Inquirer about the bloggers who are helping carry Seth's campaign to victory.

Not to be outdone, a band of Pittsburgh bloggers have rallied behind underdog Mayoral candidate, Bill Peduto. More on this later. But is it any wonder that Pennsylvania's page on BlogPAC is already chuck full o' bloggers?

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