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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

TX-22: Taking Aim at DeLay's Contributors

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Working for Change is taking aim at one of Tom DeLay and the Republican Party's biggest contributors, Verizon. The effort builds upon activism by similar organizations, such as, Dropthehammer.org, a group intent on drying up the money used to pay for Tom DeLay's legal defense fund.

Working Assets, the group behind Working for Change, does a good deal of promoting and funding of progressive causes across the country. They note that since the year 2000, Verizon has contributed upwards of $5.5 million to Republicans and even hired St. Ralph Reed as a consultant recently.

Similar groups, like Buy Blue, have received national attention and success educating Democrat on how to make purchasing decisions that are in-line with their principles.

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This is frustrating. I am a Verizon customer - I really like their cell service. (I had Sprint before which was atrocious.) I sent them an e-mail regarding their donation. But it would be pretty costly for me to switch providers (I'd need to buy a new phone).

I hope they see the light and realize that DeLay is circling the drain and not worth saving.

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