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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

S.F. Move-On Filibuster Live-Blog

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Bob just called me from San Francisco's Moveon event, as advertised. While this event is a lot more mellow than the LiveBlog of the Ahnold protest the second I picked up the phone, Bob's voice was drowned out by horns honking and cheering supporters.

The event is taking place on the main one-way thoroughfare that connects the Golden Gate Bridgea and the Bay Bridge, so there is plenty of traffic to compliment that 1,000+ event-goers Bob estimates are still pouring in. The rally is taking place right infront of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, often a target of the radical right-wing power grab, at the James R. Browing building.

CBS is respresenting the local network news organizations and there are professional photographers in attendance as well to record to the rally. Signs include: "Save the courts" "Right-wing judges only" "Keep out" "Courts Seized by right-wing radicals."

It's been raining all afternoon, but the showers went away in time for the rally and the crowd continues to swell. Bob described it as a real mellow event thus far.

Updates in the extended entry.

Update: 1

Frank Chiu is doing an interview on the 12 Galaxies. Apparently that is something that natives understand that escapes me.

Chanting has begun, "save the courts." A lot of people with digital cameras and mini dv camcorders, so Bob is guessing there is going to be a lot of images coming down later. A lot of families and kids are there.

The people from Phil A. Buster are at the event, giving away audio CDs, music that they are using for an MTV ad campaign. It's just a real well organized. There is a high ratio in event organizers in arm-bands that are doing a great job.

Small speeches from a bullhorn in the center of the group have started happening as well.

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